Not to be confused a healthy woman's Breast Shape and needs to be checked for Doctors

There is a big and perfectly round, there is a little bit down and is between the two, there is also a small and dense. Actually what it looks like shape of the breasts of women who are said to be normal and need to be checked to the doctor?

Not to be confused a healthy woman's Breast Shape and needs to be checked for Doctors
Not to be confused a healthy woman's Breast Shape and needs to be checked for Doctors

How to form a normal woman's breasts?
Different size and shape of the breasts each woman usually is determined by genes or heredity family. If your mom got big breasts and dense, likely all of his girls have big breasts. Vice versa. If your mother always has young already have breast forms are a little bit down to resemble a Bell, chances are you also so.

From a variety of breast forms that exist, here are arguably the normal and healthy:

1. full Round

As the name implies, the shape of the breast of this one seems perfectly round and full at the top and bottom. Or in other words, breasts seems to be forming a circle intact on all sides.

2. Great next to

Ever watched your own breast forms? Whether the two are exactly the same size and have a symmetrical shape? Maybe both sides thus not as great as between right and left. Either the left or right, there's one side larger than the other.

However, you do not need to worry because breasts are great next to the (asymmetric) actually still includes normal and healthy. This statement is supported by Jennifer Wider, M.D., an expert on women's health at the same time the author of the book. Wider said that is a big next to shape of the breasts is a normal thing. The difference in size is also usually not so big and evident when viewed at a glance to the naked eye.

Not even all women realize they have tits next to the. In fact, this condition can happen almost more than half the female population in the world. Great tits next to the condition usually have started look since puberty.

3. Like a Bell

If understanding the shape of bells, you certainly know the shape of breasts on this one. Unlike a full spherical shape looks as great on all sides, the breast with the rather narrow or small bells at the top but look at the bottom.

4. nipple opposite Direction

The shape of the breasts is looking ramps from top to bottom, with the direction of the opposite of white. If your breasts have a form like this? If Yes, don't worry. Because actually it is normal as long as there are no other symptoms that are worrisome.

If you want to further ensure, you can see a doctor to conduct a consultation on the shape and direction of the breast with a nipple that does not hand in.

5. Side set

Breast forms that he said ideal is rounded and fused meetings on both sides so that it forms a seductive cleavage. But the fact is that not all women have this ideal form.

Quite a lot of women who have breast forms with the distance between the two sides so that leaves little room in the middle. This quiet, still accounting for normal and healthy, really, as long as it is not accompanied by troubling symptoms.

6. Tear drop

The form of the ' tear drop ' adapted the form of tears. The intent of your breasts seem narrow or small on top but widened and rounded at the bottom.

Not much different in the shape of bells, it's just a form of ' tear drop ' have more indentations aka not really round at the side of the breast.

7. Slender

The opposite and shapes bells and ' tear drop ', the shape of the breasts ' slender ' because more width and full at the top. However, the bottom of her breasts smaller or narrows.

In other words, this includes skinny breast as it does not have a lot of fatty tissue in it.

8. Bergerenjel

Some women have breasts that are wavy, have scars, and not textured, aka bergerenjel. In General, breast forms this is normal and does not need to be too concerned about.

The texture of the skin of the breast that are wavy and gerenjel may also indicate the stretch marks or cellulite. Despite the disturbing appearance, two skin problems is not the harbinger of a serious disease.

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