How High Blood Pressure Can Be Caused Of Headaches?

When left untreated, hypertension can cause serious complications in the long period of time. However, high blood pressure can also provide direct effects on the body. Gap Many people have complained frequently of headaches because they have hypertension. What is the cause?

How High Blood Pressure Can Be Caused Of Headaches?
How High Blood Pressure Can Be Caused Of Headaches?

Headaches due to hypertension, what is the cause?

Many argue that a headache because hypertension is caused by increased blood flow from the heart of the menumpul in the brain, causing a sensation of pressure in the pain.

However, this theory is not true. Although those reasons sound logical, researchers so far have not found a clear causal relationship between headaches with high blood pressure.

The team of researchers in Norway found that more than 22 thousand adults have hypertension never showed symptoms of headaches because of hypertension after observed for 11 years. A handful of people only report mild headaches, but it is uncertain whether their hypertension caused by right.

Thus, a study found that systolic pressure (the top number of the blood pressure highest/) above 150 30% lower risk for experiencing a headache. Researchers suspect that this may happen as the effects of the loss of pain sensitivity (hypalgesia)

Headaches can be a sign of severe hypertension
However, the headache can be a sign of severe hypertension or malignant. Severe hypertension usually comes suddenly and affects about 1% of people who have hypertension.

Malignant hypertension can affect young adults, especially males. This condition can also affect people who have kidney problems and preeklampsia.

Addressing and treating headaches with the right way
If you have hypertension, it is important to pay attention to your lifestyle. Always note the label painkillers into your head. Select that does not contain caffeine, such as aspirin, because high doses of caffeine could be the cause of headache indirectly. However, we recommend that you consult the doctor further to consider the benefits and risks further.

Also note how much caffeine in foods and beverages you everyday.

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