5 Natural Fever Medication which you can find at home

Fever is not a disease, but rather the reaction of the immune system to infection, disease, or other conditions of the underlying. You actually don't need to-need supremely to drink febrifuge if her fever including light.

5 Natural Fever Medication which you can find at home
5 Natural Fever Medication which you can find at home

Body temperature will decrease by itself with enough rest. But if you want a quick return to such activity could fit readily, there are plenty of drug fever naturally around Your powerful to tame a blaze of heat in the body.

A variety of drug fever naturally that you can try at home

1. warm water Compress

Compress of cold water has been used as a natural fever medicine since ancestral times. In fact, cold compresses can not really curing fevers. Happening is actually the body of these cold temperatures translate as a threat, which makes the body so temperatures increase and the more aggravating fever.

A warm compress was more powerful methods to lower fevers than cold compresses. The blood vessels are dilated due to warm temperature can trigger the production of sweat and body heat from the spending ease, so the body temperature will decrease naturally from the inside.

Simply soak a clean washcloth into a bowl containing lukewarm warm water (not hot water!), squeeze the rest of the water, and try to paste this directly into the area of the armpit. You can get back soaking in cold water and repeat the compressing if necessary. But do not be affixed over 20 minutes and give pause for 10 minutes before starting again compresses an unused.

2. A warm bath

High body temperature sometimes makes you feel kegerahan and uncomfortable. But don't be tempted to mengguyur your body with cold water. Cold compresses, like this one tactic will instantly narrow your blood vessels so that blood flow slows down to the location of the inflammation.

On the other hand, this is precisely the difference in extreme temperatures make body temperature plummeted unexpectedly, which triggers the body so the chills. A warm bath helps reduce fever gradually and safely.

3. Expand drinking liquids

According to doctor William Schaffner of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, drug fever is the most potent natural consumption of liquids. Perbanyaklah breaks and drink warm water or a sports drink. In addition to white water, is valid-valid only for the fresh warm tea of any kind (can be dipermanis with honey or add the sliced ginger to warm the bodies) and fresh fruit juice. Drink soup broth vegetable or chicken soup also helps a lot to lower fever.

Drink 1 to 2 cups of herbal tea (or other warm liquid) every few hours as needed. The steam from the hot food can thin the mucous that clogs the nose and also triggers the production of sweat — both of which help lower body temperature.

4. wet stockings

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, engineering wet socks this powerful help lower fever. Before going to bed, a pair of cotton socks soak in water, then squeezed the remaining water, and paste in the soles of the feet is common to compress the forehead. Then, wear a thick cotton socks or woolen socks (dry, yes!) to coat the wet socks.

While you sleep, your body will start to take off and circulate the lymph fluid and blood flow increases to the tip-toe to stimulate the activity of the body's immune system to fight against the "threat" of the cold temperatures in the area. You can repeat these tactics during the 5-6 days in a row to reduce the fever, if needed.

5. Multiply the fruit of the

Citrus family fruits such as guava, kiwi, papaya, strawberry, pineapple, and mango are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports the immune system in combating infection so speed healing.

Bananas can help replace your intake of potassium in the body that are lost when sweating — also while vomiting and diarrhea, if Your fever followed by these symptoms. Choose fresh fruit instead of canned fruit products or bottled fruit juices with added sugar. High sugar intake may inhibit your immune system.

When is a fever must be promptly sent to the doctor?

In fact, various drug fever above will only help you feel a little more better and not really curing fevers. Only the most powerful way to lower a fever is to treat the root cause of the disease into a fever.

We recommend that you always consult first with your doctor about a fever you to get the best treatment, fever-lowering drugs and drink according to the instructions of the doctor. And when she was high, fever (or already high from the outset, above 38 ° C), immediately visit a doctor.

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