5 Causes the often Unconscious Buran

Have you ever experienced the Buran? Buran is the condition when the skin feels itchy with red swollen bumps that widened and spread on the skin. In medical language called urticaria, this condition can attack parts of the face, body, arms, or legs. You sometimes don't realize when it suddenly feel itching in the skin, it turns out, uh, turned out to be exposed to Buran. Hence, what are the causes of Buran? Check out the full review here.

5 Causes the often Unconscious Buran
5 Causes the often Unconscious Buran

The various causes of Buran that often escapes the attention of
Buran usually appear when the presence of an allergic reaction to some of the triggers, such as pets, pollen, or LaTeX. When exposed to allergens, the substance the body release histamine and other chemicals into the blood causing itching, swelling, and other symptoms.

Here are some of the causes that make the skin so Buran super itchy.

1. Food allergies

According to Debra Jaliman, m.d., a dermatologist in New York, Buran can be caused by food allergies as well as certain drinks, such as eggs, shellfish, peanuts, or berries. Red swollen bumps due to Buran could instantly appear shortly after a person eats food allergy triggers, but there's also that takes several hours before symptoms appear.

In addition, the Buran can also be triggered by some additional food ingredients, including artificial dyes and preservatives. If you are one of them, then we recommend that you avoid food allergy triggers. If it has been exposed to Buran, soon be consulting a doctor to get a prescription drug.

2. Outside air

The advent of full-swollen bumps or Buran due to insect bites or exposure to pollen is already well known. However, that is often not realized was the Buran can also be caused by exposure to sunlight, cold temperatures, or strong winds.

It is hence not means you are allergic to the outside air. According to Marilyn Li, m.d., an allergy and Immunology of Los Angeles, it is more to the very sensitive skin condition with numerous weather outdoors.

In addition to avoiding the triggers the itch, your doctor will probably prescribe antihistamines to treat Buran due to changing weather or temperature. That way, you can enjoy summer and winter without worry about being hit by a recurring Buran.

3. Certain diseases

Buran was not just the itching and swollen bumps-swollen bumps in the skin. Because Buran, can also signal the presence of a more serious health problem. Patients with the disease lupus, lymphoma, thyroid disease, hepatitis, and HIV both have symptoms of hives similar to Buran. However, this type of Buran or urtikarianya belongs to chronic so that it can be overcome with the help of drugs.

According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, 50 percent of cases of chronic urticaria is caused by an autoimmune disease, that is when the immune system attacks the body's own tissues. Thyroid disease is one of the autoimmune disease that most often reported by sufferers of chronic urticaria, subsequently followed by rheumatic complaints and type 1 diabetes.

4. Sweat

Basically sweat does not cause itching. However, the body sweats indicate the body is experiencing a rise in temperatures. For some people, the body's temperature rise – either due to sports or a hot bath – it can trigger the onset of hives.

When the sweating, the body produce acetylcholine, yatitu chemicals that inhibit the breakdown of cells. this development can interfere with Acetylcholine skin cells so that the skin becomes irritated and triggers rash.

5. Stress

Research shows that stress is a cause of taro from various physical and mental ailments, including the Buran. Excessive stress can lead to decreased immune system so more vulnerable exposed skin problems, including the Buran.

People who experience chronic urticaria or an bekali Buran-times appear for more than six weeks, stress and anger can make the body release histamine. As a result, the body's inflammatory response with red swollen bumps such as gave rise to Buran.

If you are experiencing chronic urticaria due to heat or disease, then immediately consult a doctor for further handling. The doctor will probably recommend a prescription antihistamine to reduce symptoms caused. If the likelihood of the condition caused by stress, then control your stress in several ways like exercising, breathing, or meditation.

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